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Hello guyss! long long time no seeee! and now i'm back with a surprise! lately i've been honored to watch a movie with such a great daily blogger which was reviewed so many movies, daily make up, and many more! this time i got an opportunity to do such a movie review with her! how great, isn't it?! if you are "kepo kepo" here's a sneak peak of her blog :

I'll talk about the comparison between the movie story line and the actual event, while her,  Vera Sumanta, will be talking about how great the "movie"
Well, let's get started! OK, since Indonesian viewers are still reign so i'm gonna put this on Indonesian.  DUNKIRK, 26 Mei - 4 Juni 1940 Dunkirk adalah sebuah pelabuhan di Belgia, tepat pada saat berlangsungnya Perang Dunia II, saat Jepang, Jerman, dan Italia yang merupakan negara fasis melakukan invasi besar-besaran mengarungi samudera. Buat yang udah nonton, pasti tau kalo peristiwa ini adalah peristiwa evakuasi kan? Tapi lo pada pasti…

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